Today, December 6 of 2013, one day after the passing away of one of the world’s greatest statesmen, NELSON MANDELA, humanity celebrates his death and extraordinary legacy.

What Nelson Mandela left us, as one of the greatest lessons of all times, was the power of FORGIVENESS and UNITY which he managed to instate in a divided SOUTH AFRICA.

MADIBA, as the world lovingly calls him, CREATED the TRUTH and RECONCILIATION COMMISSION, that helped  to end the DARKNESS and BITTER STRIFE caused by the APARTHEID ERA.

Few men leave this world with such an amazing record. Mandela turned the bitterness and anger of more of a quarter of a century in prison and the violation of the most basic human rights, against himself and his people, into love, compassion and dialogue with his enemies and even with his incarcerators.


HUGO CHAVEZ, who ruled Venezuela with an iron fist,  was also incarcerated for two years after leading a failed coup in 1992, against the Venezuelan democratically elected President, Carlos Andres Perez.

Government corruption devitalized the economy and therefore generated social injustice and the decay of the Venezuelan democratic institutions; giving way in 1989 to EL CARACAZO: A series of protests that ended in violent riots, looting and massacres.

Venezuela was a time bomb about to explode and change was imminent; readying the country for the rise of the populist regime of Hugo Chavez. He was legitimately elected President of Venezuela in 1998.

If Venezuela was in a chaotic social, political and economic situation by then, because of the poor management of the country’s affairs by his predecessors, Hugo Chavez’s  legacy when he died in March of 2013, was even more dire.

Chavez’s failed policies, communist ideology, constant expropriations and discourse of hatred and social resentment that divided the country between two irreconciliable enemies, the rich and the poor, brought with it other extreme measures, necessary to contain the social and political unrest that was growing.

Chavez had to constantly repress the Venezuelan’s freedom of speech, suffocate and castigate the business class in favor of his socialist ideology, as well as he managed to destroy the confidence of potential investors on Venezuela’s economy. Chavez also undermined the efforts of many companies and factories that had to close their doors. All this originated more unemployment and an inevitable incitation towards more crime and street violence.

In April 14, 2013, after Chavez’s death, Venezuela had new elections. Henrique Capriles Radonsky, the opposition  candidate, wins the elections. But Chavez’s successor Nicolas Maduro and the chavista government rig the electoral process and illegally declare Maduro as the President of Venezuela.

Maduro illegitmately inherits a devastated country, besides consummating what Chavez started, the rendering of our state sovereignty to Cuba and practically giving away our economic autonomy to China.


Raul Castro during Nicolas Maduro’s Inauguration.


Raul Castro with several important regime officials, Nicolas Maduro and his wife Cilia.


On a Venezuelan police station building, the Cuban flag, as well as the images of Fidel Castro and Che Guevarra.


The Cuban flag is raised next to the Venezuelan flag in a Military Institution: Fuerte Paramacay.

Venezuela is on the verge of a civil war and as rumor has it there is also an increasing uneasiness among the Armed Forces because of the presence of so many Cubans  in the military. Cuban G2 as well as Cuban  civilians are running and commanding many of Venezuela’s main institutions.

Venezuela is practically under the siege of a Cuban  invasion that’s taking thousands of Venezuelans to the streets in protest of: the Cuban occupation, the sagging economy, the shortages of food and basic needs: Cuba’s style; and the collapse of hospitals and health services. The Venezuelan people is also protesting, adamantly, against the increasing street violence and crime.


Destroying and burning the Cuban flag in protest of the Cuban occupation of Venezuela.


Next 8th of December, Venezuela will be holding regional elections that can be a referendum against Maduro’s illegitimate regime.

The chavistas know that more than half of the country are against them and are claiming for change.

Maduro and his regime, as well as the Castros, know that there is a great possibility that the opposition will gain control of many cities, towns and villages in the December 8 municipal elections.

Desperate, the regime, advised by the Castros, have resorted on extreme measures to intimidate the opposition and avoid by all means their victory on the upcoming regional elections.


How Venezuelans see their illegitimate President Maduro: As a puppet of the bothers Castro.


In the last few days hundreds of Cubans have come to the country. Immediately they get the proper ID’s that allow them to cast their vote. Of course, their vote always goes in favor of the regime.

YouTube Preview Image

Cubans that arrive to Venezuelan airports are being shouted at: FUERA! CUBANOS FUERA DE VENEZUELA!!!… LEAVE! CUBANS LEAVE VENEZUELA!!!…

A Venezuelan social movement called the AUTOCONVOCADOS or the SELF-CONVENED, was created by civilians with no specific political affiliation. They go to the streets to voice peacefully their discontent with the regime and its policies, without expecting a formal convocation of any political party.

Now-a-days those that oppose the Maduro’s government are not only the rich. The great majority are people of lower income  that once voted for Chavez.

Some photos of the AUTOCONVOCADOS peaceful rallies:









On the 9th of November a big rally by the AUTOCONVOCADOS was expected. Among the issues they were going to protest about was the inflation and the shortages of food and basic needs; as well as the infinite lines the Venezuelan people has to make every single day to acquire those products. This includes milk for their kids, hygiene items, toilet paper and  other things for their minimal survival.


Long lines to buy food and basic items, just like in Cuba.

escasez de alimentos Venezuela_0



That’s how supermarket stands look because of the current shortage of products.

Maduro’s regime, realizing that the concentration against  him, on last November 9, was going to be huge and that could mean more loses in the polls right before the municipal elections,  decided to sabotage the #9N manifestation and called that day: ‘day against speculation and inflation’.

The idea was to blame on the opposition and the business sector — accusing the store owners of speculating with the prices — for the inflation caused by the irresponsible handling of the economy and its mismanagement by the government itself.

Starting with the domestic appliances chains, the regime sent the military and national guard to these businesses to coarse by force the store owners and managers to  bring down the prices to 50% and even 75% of the cost marked on the merchandise.

Thousands of people took to the streets to buy and take advantage of the discounts.  But the day turned violent and chaotic when the regime also sent their own violent militias and chavistas groups to loot.

Many cops, military and national guards that had to protect the merchants, instead, went inside the shops and shamelessly started to loot as well.

The regime, when several merchants and store owners protested, to quite them down put them in jail. Meanwhile, others managed to fled the country.

Maduro thought that he was favoring the low income classes by allowing them to acquire whatever they wanted at any price or by looting it; and helping his regime in the process to gain voters for the next regional elections.


On the government’s TV channel, VTV, they tried to trick the audience by showing this criminal incident — shown in the photo above — and explaining that these are loving people helping the owner to open his store because he locked himself out of his business.

Maduro and his ‘combo’ are threatening with expropriating those stores and giving them away to the employees if the owners do not bring more merchandise and fill the stands that were left totally empty. Doubtfully many of those store owners will want to continue with their businesses and much less supply the shops with more merchandise.

Thousands of people will end up in the streets without a job.

The regime created their self-inflicted Caracazo, that at the end got out of hand.

Photos of the chaos originated by Maduro and his criminal government:


The National Guard and police getting away with the looted merchandise.








On November 16, the week after the looting, there was a very concurred rally that nationwide went pretty smoothly and peacefully.

Days later, on the 26th of November Henrique Capriles, the opposition candidate and legitimate President of Venezuela had an attempt on his life and his tour bus was set on fire as well as the podium where he was going to give his speech, in the city of Maracay, just a few  miles away  from Caracas.




The regime is always trying to find a way to boycott Capriles’ assemblies and now he can only travel by commercial plains.

Bad news for Maduro and his ‘combo’. That’s how Capriles is received every time he arrives at an airport. See photo bellow…


The worst day for the AUTOCONVOCADOS was last November 30st when in the Plaza Venezuela of Caracas they were savagely attacked by the regime’s militias when they were peacefully protesting.

Few photos were taken because the regime’s criminals snapped their phones from their hands to avoid being photographed.

None the less, a few protesters could take some shots and walk away with their phones.


The national guards that are attacking the protesters are Cubans dressed in Venezuelan uniforms.


The TUPAMAROS are a very violent group. They are one of the irregular militias supported and trained by the regime with links to the Narco-Guerrillas and Islamic terrorists groups like Hezbollah and Hamas. They are based in one of the most dangerous barrios of Caracas: 23 de Enero.


With beisbol bats and stones the chavistas attacked the crowd. The woman that is showed inside the circle is Carolina Cestari, ex-assistant of the current first lady, Cilia Maduro and one of the violent attackers.


Older people were also attacked.





Only a few days ago, the PLAN PATRIA, (HOMELAND PLAN), was approved. It gives the instructions and steps to take to consummate the Cubanization of Venezuela and the total implementation of the Castro-Communism.


With the dismantling of PDVSA, Venezuela’s oil corporation, once considered the best in the world; with the decrease of their oil production and having to import all the food, basic items, and even foreign oil; with the lack of cash and no credits, not even from China who does not trust Maduro or Venezuela’s economy; and on top of it Venezuela has to support the Cubans; in no time at all, the nation will end up following the steps of the barbaric Island and become a miserable country just like the genocides of Raul and Fidel Castro created in Cuba.


In photos the Cuba of Fidel and Raul Castro.








That might be Latin-America’s destiny if the world will allow Cuba’s invasion of Venezuela in SILENCE!!!

The end result will be a Somalia Mogadishu type of region with scenarios like this one:



The transportation of misiles during a power outage that affected almost the whole country. Was it lack of maintenance or done on purpose to hide the relocation of the misiles from one state to another???… Another photo shows the missiles during daytime…


Most of Latin-American countries have abandoned Venezuela, because most of them receive donations and favors from the chavista regime.

The OAS, the UN, the world in general has practically abandoned us not realizing the danger for the region if Venezuela is lost under the grip of communism.

Some weak voices are heard coming from the European Union, but our only friends are the Obama administration whom on a daily basis report on what is going on in Venezuela. Unfortunately, this is not enough.

New diplomatic efforts by a coalition of countries should be created. Constant pressure should be applied on the Venezuelan regime and let the world know about its corruption, violence, violation of human rights and its illegitimacy.

The reason why the Venezuelan government wants to maintain a facade of constitutionality and order, suppressing the voices of the dissent, so the world doesn’t know what is going on, is with the intention of not loosing the little credit they still have and the possibility of bringing businesses and investments to Venezuela.

Maduro’s regime is short in cash and that impedes him to buy the goods he needs not to starve the people that can vote for his failed regime.

After the self-inflicted chaos that happened on the 9th of November, many ships with goods that had to arrive to Venezuela for Christmas time, decided not to unload their  merchandise in such an uncertain climate and turned around or never came to our ports.

The world should denounce loudly, clearly and truthfully  like  President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden have done so far, what the current Venezuelan situation really is.

The U.S. should form that coalition of nations that can speak up on behalf of the Venezuelans, that everyday are more isolated from the rest of world…  The Venezuelan people need those countries who can defend them and show Maduro and his regime that they are not alone and that the world is watching, until Venezuela can achieve her freedom and get her sovereignty back from Cuba.


YouTube Preview Image


U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden on Venezuela and Latin-America.

YouTube Preview Image

U.S. President Barack Obama on Venezuela.


Just weigh the possibilities and the consequences if action is not taken before is too late… There are peaceful solutions, but action must be taken right now before Venezuela is lost forever…

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